Getting started

THE CALL: The process begins with an initial complimentary phone consultation to make sure we are the right fit for your needs.

During the preliminary phase, you will meet individually with Dr. Jayme Albin, Cognitive Behavior Therapist, who will begin your lifestyle assessment by examining factors that may prevent you from meeting your goals. You may be asked to meet with a nutritionist. You will be assigned a coach either Dr Albin or an associate.

TEAM MEETING: This is where we all get together and develop a comprehensive plan that includes setting short and long term health and wellness goals.

COACHING DRILLS: In the role of coach/trainer and expert adviser, we will work to hard keep you on course with daily check-ins (via email, phone, etc) and individual weekly/biweekly sessions with Dr. Albin and/or Associate Dr/coach.

Our goal during this phase would be to keep you on track, but most importantly, to teach you to address the reasons why in the past you have fallen off course. The program is not just about going to boot camp and getting fit, but giving you the skills that come with insight and detailed supervision to change past habits.

THE MAINTENCE PHASE: Once you feel you understand the methods and techniques that work best for you, we will work toward ingraining them into your lifestyle as new habits. In the final stages, you will learn how to self-monitor to maintain a healthy equilibrium where you feel physically and emotionally comfortable and fit. During the later phases, we will meet less often, but as much as necessary to keep you where you want to be.