Sculpt NYC is a results driven therapy program that teaches you how to use Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to make life long behavior changes.

Our overall goal is to help you improve your mental and physical health by looking at them together and across different areas of your current life.

-Our Customized CBT Wellness Programs focus on:

-teaching you to distress

-developing a healthy body image

- promoting self- esteem

-setting obtainable personal & wellness goals

-challenge self defeating habits

-altering negative or useless attitudes into  hopeful and motivating ones

-instilling discipline, motivation and change!

We work on creating your personal Live for Wellness Behavior Plan, focusing on SCULPTing your mind, body, and diet.

Our unique interdisciplinary approach combines a team of Clinical Psychologist, Cognitive Behavior Therapists,
Licensed Registered Dietitians, Certified Personal Trainers, and beauty/style consultants.

By taking a thorough inventory of your daily routine, including social, career, and relationship demands, and examine where you spend your energy, the ways you manage stress, and how you feel about your body. From here, we build a plan that works within the limits of your life